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We are planning the 2024 route.

It will be announced soon.


No Support

No Accomodation

No e-bike

Just you and your bike!   That's all!

2022-12-08 15;20;44.png

The schedule for 2024 wil be updated soon.

Register: From Mar. 01 to Apr. 30. 2023

Pick start cap: Jun. 17. 2023  16:00~18:00

Start: Jun. 18. 2023, AM 09:00



Participants are responsible for all eating, drinking and sleeping during the event on their own without third party support.

Any accidents that occur during this riding event are responsible for the participants themselves.

Check all of rules!!!

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Gran Fondo World Tour brings participants to some of the world’s most picturesque and jaw-dropping destinations from consists of 20 races, across 4 continents.

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Leave No Trace provide innovative education, skills, research and science to help people care for the outdoors. 

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