2022 KoreaEpicRide video/photo and GPS data contest

We invite you to a contest for video footage of the 2022 KoreaEpicRide and useful GPS data to improve course information.

1. Eligibility: Anyone (doesn't have to be a 2022 KoreaEpicRide rider)

2. Video/Photo quality guide

- Video: FHD 16:9 1920*1080, 30fps or higher

- Photo: 16:9 size recommended

* Please provide the original image without subtitles or logos.

3.GPS Data guide

Record waypoints of useful points of the KoreaEpicRide course (public toilets, drinking water, camps, attractions, etc.) Submit in .gpx file format.

4. How to apply

-Submit to koreaepicride@naver.com by June 30 (write your name, address, and phone number)

5. Reward

-1st place for all: Seven Mesh jacket voucher (1 person)-528,000won

- Video section:

BROOKS Escape bike packing bag (5 people)

SMITH sunglasses case (3 people)

SMITH T-shirt (1 person)

- GPS Data Division:

Giro helmet (5 people),

SMITH sunglasses case (2 people),

SMITH cap hat (1 person)

6. Remark

- The submitted video can be used in the KoreaEpicRide video compilation, and the name of the entrant (or photographer) is indicated on the video. The copyright of the video you provide belongs to the photographer, and we assume that you agree to grant the license to KoreaEpicRide.

- Applied GPS Data is used to improve KoreaEpicRide course information.

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