3rd pre-ride

In 2023, we are considering changing the starting point to near Garisan, Hongcheon.

During this expedition, we discuss the campsite to be used as a starting point and ride the course.

1. Schedule plan

10.8 (Sat)

Depart from Seoul at 06:00 (carpooling depends on the participant. Breakfast at the rest area on the way)

09:00 Arrive at Hongcheon Art Camp, prepare for riding, meet with camp manager

09:30 Ride start

Riding about 40-60 km and sleep on the forest road

* Ride in the order of Gari Mountain Forest Road - Yeonyeop Mountain Forest Road on the map

* Hongcheon Art Camp Address: 699, 9sari-ro, Naechon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do

10.9 (Sun)

06:00 wake up

Riding starts at 08 o'clock

Riding about 80~100km, Arrive at Hongcheon Art Camp

Camp (Hongcheon Art Camp or nearby wild camp depending on local circumstances)

10.10 (Mon)

06:00 wake up

08 o'clock ride starts

Riding 47 kilos, arriving at Hongcheon Art Camp, returning home after lunch

2. Riding course (thick green line)

1st and 2nd days total 145km

Day 3 47km

3. Preparations and other information

- Anyone can participate in the expedition ride.

- Please prepare so that you can do all the packing of the bike by yourself, such as camping, meals, and repair tools.

- You can make and share food, but prepare only one serving per each meal so that there are no leftovers.

- Due to our schedule, we do not return to camp on the first day, but camp in the mountains. That is, you must carry lunch and dinner on the 1st day, breakfast, lunch and snacks on the 2nd day. On the evening of the 2nd day, we came to camp and sleep, and the 3rd day riding is carried out on the day of return to start.

- It's not as fast as it is an pre-ride, and we check the several points.

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