Pre-ride for 2023 KoreaEpicRide.

We are going to 2nd pre-ride on 9.17~18 .

1. Schedule plan


06:00 Departure from Seoul (carpool scheduled according to attendees)

* Breakfast at the rest area

10:00 Arrive at Socheon-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, start riding

Camp around 5pm (on the forest road)


05:00 Wake up, breakfast

07:00 Ride Departure

11:00 Ride end, lunch (at restaurant)

12:00 Departure to Seoul

2. Riding Course

About 80km in 2 days (rotate clockwise on the map below)

-Seungbu-Yangwon-Buncheon 10km single-track trekking trail (with some hike a bike) - Orange line at belows map.

-The rest are forest roads and roads - Red line.

Orange line course map

3. Preparations

-MTB or gravel bike

-3 Meals (1st day lunch, dinner, 2nd day breakfast)

- Bicycle repair tools, drinking water measures

- Each person prepares alcohol as much as he or she wants to drink.

Photos of Nakdong River Sepyeong Sky Road

If you would like to participate, please comment.

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