Story of pre-ride for 2023 KoreaEpicRide.

This pre-ride was to check the section between Seungbu Station and Buncheon Station.

The Seungbu-Buncheon section is a trekking section, so it is not a good section for cycling because there are many stairs and stone fields.

But, the scenery is so beautiful.

The Yangwon-Bidong section is currently closed, but we find a way around it.

Next year (2023), it is likely to be set this way.


Seungbu Station.

The monument of poem on the platform of Seungbu Station

This poem is said to have been written by a station attendant who worked at Seungbu Station in the past.

"Seungbu Station

The sky is also three pyeong

The flower garden is also three pyeong

The heart of Yeongdong

It is the artery of transport."

*pyeong': unit of area. one pyeong = 3.3m2(1.8m*1.8m). It means 'very small'.

Soon after starting from Seungbu Station, the stone road begins.

The trekking path also leads to the railroad tracks.

On the way down along the Nakdong River, clear water flows to cool off the heat.

There is a paved road on the cliff.

Yangwon Station

Yangwon Station was the first privately funded station and was also the subject of the movie "Gee Jeok"(Korean pronunciation". 'Gee Jeok' has two means in Korean pronunciation. First, it means whistle of train and, second is miracle.)

It is a village where Wongok Village in Bonghwa and Wongok Village in Uljin are located together.

Originally, there was no station in this village, so it is said that residents got off at Seungbu Station, which is far, and crossed Baebawijae.(pass) It is said that in 1988, residents submitted a petition to the president to build a simplified station, and the villagers gathered their strength to build the station.

Camp in the Yangwon

The Zermatt Road from Yangwon to Bidong is a narrow trekking road that requires a bicycle to climb.

Once you get over the hill, you have to cross the waterway.


'The valley where you lie still and travel with your heart'

In the spacious pine forest, there are about 4 decks intermittently, and there is also a pavilion where you can shelter from the rain.

Buncheon Station Santa Village

The whole village is made up of Santa Village.

A cup of coffee at the coffee shop "Heidi's Attic" right in front of Buncheon Station...

The owner aunt majored in her art and decorated the interior and exterior of the shop with Heidi as the theme.

The Seungbu-Buncheon section is definitely not a good road for cycling.

However, it would be good to ride a bicycle on a beautiful unexplored road and enjoy nature slowly.

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