2nd Pre-ride plan(Yangyang)

We will go on our second expedition ride in 2022 Korea Epic Ride.

* In the map below, purple (road) and red (forest road) are the exploration courses.

The green is the course I rode in 2005. There is a high wire mesh gate at the entry point to the wild boar hunting ground, so I'm going to explore the course to check that it doesn't enter the hunting grounds. Due to the nature of exploratory riding, the riding course may be changed depending on the on-site situation.

Depart from Hajodae Marine beach, turn counterclockwise


8/21 (Sat)

06:00 Depart from Seoul by car

09:00 Arrive at Hajodae (Breakfast at the rest area in the middle)

start riding

Hajodae-Eoseongjeon: 10km road

Eoseongjeon-Yeongok-myeon: Forest Road 40km

Wild camping at the end of the forest road or at the beach

8/22 (Sun)

Yeongok-myeon-Hajodae: 30km on the East Coast Bicycle Road

Go back to home after swimming at Hajodae

* Bike packing mode. (Camping, meal preparation individually)

* Depending on the progress on the first day, we will either camp at the end of the forest road, or come down and camp at a suitable place on the beach.

*You only need to prepare two meals. (Saturday lunch and dinner)

* Bring clothes for change, towel, etc.

Pre-ride Yangyang
Download GPX • 762KB

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