Gariwangsan(Mt.) Bikepacking Tour(10-12 Sep.)

Gariwangsan is a huge mountain that stretches between Pyeongchang and Jeongseon, and there are forest roads that are over 200km long, so it is called 'the paradise of forest roads'.

1. Schedule

9/10 (Fri)

10:00 Pyeongchang-gun Daehwa-myeon Daehwa Culture Gymnasium parking lot meeting

10:30 Ride Departure

~ riding

9/11 (Sat)


9/12 (Sun)


Return to the starting point and go back to home.

2. Preparations

Bicycles (any bicycle can participate), all bikepacking equipment (camping and meals and other necessities)

* Prepare to be able to take care of your own camping and meals and bicycle defects.

* There is no place to procure food from the departure to about 160 km (Mitan-myeon). Mitan-myeon is expected to pass in the afternoon of the 2nd day or the morning of the 3rd day. (Riding schedule is flexible depending on site conditions)

3. Course

The total riding length is 220km in 3 days. (Yellow course in the map below, clockwise rotation)

200 km are forest roads and 20 km are paved roads. And, 2km is working path.(near Cheongoksan, 3rd day)

Daehwa-myeon - Moritjae - Mahangchi - Gariwangsan Circular Forest Road (1 night) - Mahangchi - Byeokparyeong - Donggang - Aircraft - Mitan-myeon (2 nights nearby) -600maji - Cheongoksan summit - Georegijae - Haanmi-ri - Daehwa-myeon

Download GPX • 2.69MB

4. Fee: free

Ride course is yellow line, clockwise.

Belows are pictures of the Gariwangsan riding.

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